Friday, May 13, 2011

Osama bin Laden vs. the Back-Door Enemy

We've all heard of the death of Osama bin Laden earlier this month. After more than thirteen years of trying, the United States finally eliminated its Most Wanted Terrorist enemy--the founder and leader of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization, which was held responsible for the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The official story presented by our government, and widely accepted, has been that Osama bin Laden himself orchestrated the 9/11 attacks, and that al-Qaeda carried them out. This official story is actually a lie and a cover-up that contradicts a good deal of evidence--evidence our government was aware of--that points to a different set of perpetrators for 9/11. Who concocted this lie? The answer is:

America's Back-Door Enemy.

Certain individuals within our government--specifically, within the Bush administration--deliberately fed President Bush false information about 9/11 in order to make him say what they wanted him to say about it. These individuals were agents of a foreign power, traitors to our country, who took advantage of 9/11 for their own political and financial gain. They played on Americans' fears to get them to support a policy of all-out "War on Terrorism." The fact is, beneath its patriotic colors and claims of divine sanction, the War on Terrorism was just another war profiteering scheme. Who benefited the most from it? The answer is:

America's Back-Door Enemy.

Our nation's Founding Fathers warned against this sort of thing. They warned that continual warfare and the enthronement of large corporations would destroy the liberty of the Republic. Advocates of the War on Terrorism argued that this new kind of war was necessary to preserve America's national security and freedom in the face of radical Islamic terrorists bent on our total destruction. However, this view was based on a distortion of what terrorism really is. Terrorism is not an end in itself. Terrorism is a tactic used by a less powerful party to try to frighten a more powerful party into doing its bidding. Terrorists often use evil means (such as the murder of innocent civilians) to try to achieve a good end when legitimate means to achieve that end have been unsuccessful. "Islamic" terrorists, like the majority of peaceful Muslims throughout the Middle East, wanted the United States to stop taking advantage of the region for its oil and fighting wars and supporting dictators for that purpose. But our back-door enemies had substantial oil interests in the Middle East, and couldn't afford to let go of them. So they caricatured the terrorists as liars and a dire threat to our nation's very existence, and disingenuously declared war on them in the name of protecting freedom and democracy. The real goal of the "War on Terrorism" was to beef up our military presence in the Middle East in order to protect and advance the petroleum interests of a handful of business elitists. Their most coveted prize was the vast oilfields of Iraq, long denied them by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. So Hussein was portrayed as a threat to the United States, and false intelligence was fed to President Bush that the Iraqi president was manufacturing weapons of mass destruction, to get the American people to support a war against Iraq. It worked, and the United States invaded and occupied Iraq. Who pulled off this coup? The answer, again, is:

America's Back-Door Enemy.

Unfortunately, Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda are small potatoes compared to the enemy within our gates. At least the "Muslim" terrorists are obvious religious fanatics who resort to evil acts to try to achieve a good cause. Our nation's back-door enemies are also religious fanatics, but their fanaticism is hidden and their religion is of a different kind. They are unscrupulous opportunists who have betrayed our country and taken advantage of its highest ideals to further their own evil objectives. It is about time they were identified and exposed for what they are. Where can you find out more about them? Once again, the answer is:

America's Back-Door Enemy.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Faith in God Begins With Creation

Pope Benedict XVI is getting us back to the basics of our faith. In his Easter Vigil homily at Saint Peter's, he reminded us that faith in God begins with creation. We're not the product of random evolution in some tiny corner of the cosmos, but the product of divine creative love and reason. This is part of our Christian faith and it makes sense. However, such a statement is highly controversial in a culture where faith in God is weak and evolutionary propaganda controls the minds of many people, even many Christians. Thus I wasn't surprised that this article I seeded on Newsvine about the pope's homily drew 147 comments:

Faith in God Begins with Creation

It goes to show that once you abandon the truth of sound creation doctrine, you leave a vacuum to be filled by the errors of materialistic evolutionism.