Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Speaking of Josh Groban...

What an amazing talent God has given this young man. I'll never forget the experience I had three years ago this month of hearing Josh Groban live in concert on the Awake tour. He performed for two hours, and his voice was awesome. He sang "You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)," "February Song," "Awake" (the title track), "You Raised Me Up," and many others. Also, it was a real treat for me to see Josh play piano while singing "February Song," "Awake" and several of the other songs. There were about ten thousand people in attendance, which meant that most available seats in the multi-level arena were filled. I was sitting with my parents and sister in the top level, directly facing the right side of the stage from my perspective, and about five stories above Josh. Although this position gave us an excellent view of the stage, it also gave me the willies. I remained uncomfortable in this perch thruout the concert but managed to enjoy myself nonetheless.

While fame, success and wealth often corrupt people and make them selfish and arrogant, this has not happened to Josh. He is a fine young Christian man with good morals and charity towards other people, which makes him a celebrity I can look up to. He is part of a new generation of Hollywood stars led by Eduardo Verastegui who, in both their personal and professional lives, unswervingly follow their principles regardless of the immoral culture surrounding them.

My favorite Josh Groban album so far is Awake, and my second favorite is his famous 2001 debut, Josh Groban. I can't wait for him to record some more!

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