Monday, May 10, 2010

Terrorism is in the News Again

Terrorism is in the news again lately. The US sent a drone plane into Pakistan to kill terrorists suspects responsible for the failed bomb plot in Times Square. It seems that Pakistan is emerging as the central front in the War on Terrorism. The well-researched book America's Back-Door Enemy: Unmasking the Unknown Terrorists offers some clues as to why this is so.

In 2001 the US went into Afghanistan, overthrew the Taliban regime and chased Osama bin Laden out of his cherished hiding place. So far so good. But one problem is that the Taliban never really went away. Its ringleaders regrouped, recruited thousands of new followers from the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region, and returned to the heart of Afghanistan to wage an ongoing guerrilla war against US troops. Now the Taliban movement is a force of many thousand strong with a permanent base in Pakistan. Another problem is that Osama bin Laden has apparently been hiding out in Pakistan for years, aiding and abetting the Taliban with his prodigious financial resources and anti-American speechmaking capabilities. In fact, the Taliban has supplanted al-Qaeda as the world's most notorious terrorist entity. This is really not surprising, since the two organizations are closely related; both are rooted in Islamic extremist doctrine; both originated in Afghanistan and have received steady support from bin Laden; even their insignia are almost identical. Why is bin Laden still at large and continuing to fund and support terrorism after all this time?

You'll find some answers to these perplexing questions in America's Back-Door Enemy. I spent years writing this book. Probing beneath the headlines, I tried to gather all the information I could about terrorism and present it in a single, coherent, readable book so that the average person could gain a better understanding of terrorism and the War on Terrorism. In doing so, I discovered an enemy behind the enemy: Traitors to our country, right here in the United States; agents of a foreign power attempting to subvert and destroy our nation. Their wicked religious extremist movement helped bring international Islamic terrorism into existence, and it is essential for the United States to destroy their movement in order to destroy Islamic terrorism. I published this urgent information about a secret enemy for the good of my country, because I love my country. I hope it will do some good. If you're interested, you can find the book in the right-hand sidebar of this blog by scrolling down just a bit from the top.

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