Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Values of Faith and Family That Once Bound Us As a Nation

Going through my old files recently, I came across a quote from President George W. Bush in which he was praising the Knights of Columbus for promoting "the values of faith and family that bind us as a nation." Although they were uttered just ten years ago, those words struck me as alien and foreign--as echoes of a bygone era in American history. Although it came to an end only four and a half years ago, the Bush administration now seems like ages ago, doesn't it? As we crawl through the remaining long years of the dismal and seemingly endless Obama administration, I find myself looking back fondly and with approval to somewhat better days--the Bush administration of 2001 to 2009. Although President Bush was far from perfect (his military counterterrorism policy was immoral and disastrous, in my opinion) and some bad things happened during that period--terrorism and war, increased government spending and corruption, and economic crisis, for instance--those were good years for America in one very important respect: Our nation's leader explicity and consistently affirmed our identity as a Christian nation, as "one nation under God," and tried to be faithful to the vision for America
carefully articulated by our Founding Fathers. And that leadership made us a stronger and healthier nation than we are today. Those were the good old days when we had a God-fearing president, a man of deep Christian faith and morality, a man of principle, who did not shrink from publicly affirming the traditional values of faith and family on which our nation was built and which bound us together as a nation for more than two hundred years.

Sadly, under the pernicious influence of the current godless and radically secularist administration, those values of Christian faith and the nuclear family are no longer binding our nation together as they once did; as a result, our nation is falling apart. Our current president publicly ridicules faith in God, says we are no longer a Christian nation, and attacks the traditional family (not to mention the law of God and the Constitution of the United States)
Stained glass of George Washington at prayer,
Capitol Prayer Room, The Capitol, Washington, D.C.
with his administration's mandatory pro-death "health care" policy.

We desperately need a president more like Bush again--a true leader, a committed Christian and a man (or woman) of sound moral principles who will reaffirm America's Christian identity and the values of faith and family on which our nation was built--a good president who can help lead our nation down the path of conversion and renewal that it so desperately needs to tread at this time for the sake of its own wellbeing and future survival. I pray every day that God will grant our nation such a leader.

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