Saturday, November 2, 2013

We Need Ken Cuccinelli for Governor

The whole country is now watching Virginia's gubernatorial race. This is one of the few gubernatorial elections in America that is held in an odd-numbered year. National interest in this particular race is based on the fact that Virginia, once a longtime Republican stronghold, is now a "battleground state" over which Republicans and Democrats are fighting furiously for control. Ending decades of Republican rule, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama won a majority of the popular vote in Virginia in 2008, which helped win him the presidency. President Obama narrowly won Virginia a second time (albeit fradulently) in 2012. Now the Democrats are hoping the third time will be the charm with the election of Terry McAuliffe to succeed Republican incumbent Bob McDonnell as governor of Virginia.

Governor McDonnell has served our state well over these last four years. Just one year after the election of President Obama, in 2009, Bob made headlines when he won Virginia by a landslide, garnering 59 percent of the popular vote. A devout Catholic in his late fifties, he has come closer than almost anyone else I know to the ideals of statesmanship and public service. One of his first acts as governor was to reopen the twenty-three interstate rest areas that had been closed the previous year by Democratic governor Tim Kaine. Coming into office in the middle of the worst recession in decades, McDonnell pledged to keep things running without raising taxes. He has kept his promise. He has worked faithfully to protect innocent unborn human lives; he signed into law a bill that requires pregnant women in Virginia to view an ultrasound prior to having an abortion, and he has also enacted strict new regulations for abortion clinics in our state (which were previously not regulated at all). He has upheld the Virginia Marriage Amendment. He has refused to pay for or administer ObamaCare in Virginia, instead signing into law our own common-sense state healthcare reform bill that respects human life and human rights. His economic initiatives have created thousands of new jobs. He has worked to make Virginia the energy capital of the East Coast, with an "all-of-the-above" approach including a general shift towards renewable energy resources. Under McDonnell's leadership, Virginia has been ranked one of the top states in the country to do business in. He has consistently shown respect for our men and women in the armed forces. He represents the traditional Republican ethos of limited government, low taxes, and a strong national defense. All this with his character as a "compassionate conservative" who is concerned about the true needs of people and who exhibits the increasingly lost art of bipartisanship--who knows how to work with representatives of both parties to get things done for the common good. All in all, I am very satisfied with McDonnell's performance as governor of Virginia. He will be missed. I think Bob McDonnell would make a good president of the United States. He has the right attitude, the experience, the principles, and the deep religious faith. He even looks presidential. If it weren't for the corrupt Republican establishment, he would actually have a chance at the nation's highest office.

The current Republican candidate for governor, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, is the logical choice to succeed McDonnell as governor of our state. A devout Catholic like McDonnell, in his mid-40s with a large family, Ken represents the average Virginian. Also like McDonnell, Ken has the character, the principles, the deep religious faith, and the ethic of public service. He has done a fantastic job as our state attorney general. He is strongly pro-life and opposed to abortion on demand. He supports keeping the Virginia Marriage Amendment on the books to legally protect marriage as the union of a man and a woman. Just minutes after the deceptively misnamed Affordable Care Act was signed into law by President Obama on March 23, 2010, Ken became the first state attorney general in the nation to sue the federal government over ObamaCare. Needless to add, Ken is all for the repeal of ObamaCare. When the IRS ripped off Virginia not too long ago, Ken sued the federal government and won, resulting in millions of illegally collected taxpayer dollars being returned to us. He is opposed to a proposed $880,000,000 annual transportation tax increase that would take yet more money out of our wallets. And he is in favor of a proposed $1,400,000,000 Virginia income tax cut that would be a boon for our state economy. The election of Ken Cuccinelli as next governor of Virginia would represent a smooth transition, a successful passing of the baton of the true leadership we need in these difficult and challenging times.

By contrast, the election of Terry McAuliffe as governor of Virginia would be a disaster for our state. Terry is a wealthy elitist who cares nothing for the average Virginian. He is strongly pro-abortion and supports abortion on demand. He wants to repeal the Virginia Marriage Amendment to allow legal recognition of sodomy. He favors the full implementation of ObamaCare in Virginia, which our current governor, Bob McDonnell, strongly opposes. He supports the $880 million transportation tax increase and opposes the $1.4 billion income tax cut. Terry is a politician, not a statesman. If he takes over the governorship, he will plunge Virginia full throttle into the Obama nightmare our nation has been struggling through these last five years.

Unfortunately, it looks as if McAuliffe is poised to win this election. He has received millions of dollars in fundraising assistance from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who is grooming him to be her vice-presidential running mate in 2016. Both the Clintons have been going all out to ensure Terry's election as governor of Virginia, in order to advance their and President Obama's self-serving radical agenda to "fundamentally transform" America, which involves taking away our rights and taking even more of our money through taxes. So far, they seem to be succeeding, as polls show McAuliffe tied with or slightly ahead of Cuccinelli. I'd like to think that Ken will make it, but I have my doubts. This country seems to be sliding gradually into a one-party dictatorship run by the corrupt elitist Democrats, who are using money and dirty tricks to gain and retain power. President Obama won the 2008 election by outspending John McCain three to one. He won the 2012 election by spending one billion dollars and through massive voter fraud in Ohio, Pennslyvania, Virginia and other states as discovered by the American Civil Rights Union. Now I'm sure the Democrats will let nothing stand in their way of taking over Virginia. THey won't let a principled man like Ken win the governorship of Virginia because if he does, it will be a great victory of the people against ObamaCare, indicating that the nation in general is ready to repeal this disastrous law.

Whatever happens in this gubernatorial election will be either God's ordaining or permitting will. All I can do, as a Catholic and an American citizen, is do my part: pray for the election of a good governor, vote my conscience on November 5, and encourage others to do the same. I strongly urge all of my fellow Virginians reading this to vote Ken Cuccinelli for governor, as well as Earl Jackson for lieutenant governor and Mark Obenshain for attorney general. All three have the same positions on the issues described above. We need these good men running our state. Having done our best, we leave the results in God's hands. As Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta used to say, we're not called to be successful; we're called to be faithful. Our enemies have lots of money and worldly power on their side; we have God on our side. If God is for us, who can be against us? Even if we lose this battle, we should not be discouraged but keep up the good fight. We are fighting for human rights, for human life and marriage and liberty, for our Constitution, and for the heart and soul of our nation. If we remain faithful, one day the final victory will be ours.

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