Friday, June 13, 2014

ElectionWatch 2014: Great News, and Lots of It!

As it turns out (and as I suspected), the victory of Tea Party candidate Joni Ernst, who won the Republican nomination to the U.S. Senate in Iowa early this month, was just the tip of the iceberg. Tea Party candidates are now sweeping primary elections all over the country, against the odds and despite the machinations of corrupt establishment politicians. In Mississippi, for example, Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel received 1,386 more votes than longtime incumbent Republican Senator Thad Cochran, although the latter is well funded by Washington special interest groups and outspent McDaniel ten to one. Since he received less than 50 percent of the vote, McDaniel is now headed to a runoff election against Cochran on June 24. (Pray to Saint John the Baptist that he wins!) Tea Party candidates also won primaries in other states: Ben Sasse in Nebraska, Alex Mooney in West Virginia, Tim Scott in South Carolina. Tea Party candidates swept Texas, including John Ratcliffe who defeated Republican incumbent Ralph Hall in a runoff election (the first time in twenty years this happened). Even more dramatically, here in Virginia, Tea Party candidate David Brat soundly defeated Republican establishment favorite and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor--although Cantor had outspent Brat twenty-five to one on his campaign!

This is just the beginning of the Tea Party revolution of 2014 here in the United States. The American people are fed up with their corrupt establishment politicians in both the major parties, and they want good solid, trustworthy, religious, moral, pro-life, pro-family, and pro-Constitution candidates who truly represent their interests, not the interests of a select few. They are decisively rejecting career politicians who merely pretend to represent their interests while actually working to advance the interests of the giant abortion, GMO, junk food, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, insurance, and other industries, and all the while padding their own pockets. It's about time we started putting these corrupt politicians in their places! The twin grip of Big Government and Big Business on American politics and the economy is starting to slip. We the people have begun to take back our nation! We are winning! We Tea Partyers are finally in a position to take command of our national politics, for the glory of God and the good of our beloved country. With the help of Almighty God and Mary Immaculate, Patroness of the United States, we can and will reclaim the proper governance of our nation.

The only legitimate government authority comes from God and in fact belongs to the whole people, as Saint Thomas Aquinas and Saint Robert Bellarmine wrote. Thus, we the people have the right and the duty to establish our own government, and any government that is not responsible to the people (assuming a religious and moral people) is not legitimate. As Saint Augustine wrote, in the absence of justice, what is government but a band of robbers? That's a fit description of the Obama administration and most of the Democratic governors currently in office. With the upcoming general elections, we have the opportunity to restore some measure of good, honest, responsible, religious, moral, and constitutional government to Washington, D.C. and to our state governorships. Keep praying for our country, and be sure to Vote Tea Party!

Power to the people!

Oh, just a footnote: Sensing imminent defeat in battle, that career politician mentioned above, Senator Thad Cochran, has enlisted the help of a Goliath--former New York mayor, Republican establishment crown jewel Michael Bloomberg--who wields a gigantic $2.1 million sword, hoping thereby to defeat that nasty boy David, i.e., Chris McDaniel, in the Mississippi runoff on June 24. The race is pretty close at the moment, and that extra two million dollars just might deliver Cochran the nomination after all. Yes, the corrupt political establishment still might win a battle here and there. But it's losing the war big time. That is plainly evident from the slew of Tea Party victories reported above. The tide is turning in our favor, and will continue to do so. The Tea Party revolution is sweeping America! Praise the Lord!

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