Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The One Hundred Day Reign of King Trump Has Ended

Photo by Gage Skidmore
Used with permission
Great news! After three straight months of lording it over the GOP presidential candidate field with buckets of his own money spent on glossy advertising, dozens of rousing campaign speeches, and the undivided attention and unremitting adulation of an obsequious and politically correct mainstream media machine, His Majesty Lord Donald Trump the Powerful and Mighty has finally been toppled from his lofty throne by the humble and the lowly. Much to the shock and confusion of Mr. Trump and his loyal media allies, award-winning neurosurgeon, author, speaker and philanthropist Ben Carson--who was widely dismissed as a longshot five months ago--has now emerged as the leading Republican presidential candidate in nationwide polls. For millions of faithful Carson supporters like myself, this is an incredibly energizing development that we have worked hard to achieve and a proud moment to witness in the ongoing saga of the Carson presidential campaign. For a devout Christian, soft-spoken, African-American, grassroots Tea Party candidate, a citizen statesman with no political experience and largely negative mainstream media coverage, to sneak up from behind and depose the wealthy and well-connected king of the GOP field several months ahead of the initial presidential primary elections is no small feat. This remarkable development is a testament to Dr. Carson's fidelity to traditional religious principles and moral values, his lifetime of stellar achievement, his unique communication skills, his respect for the Constitution, his hope-filled vision for our country based on the Founders' philosophy, the secure bond of trust he is slowly but steadily forging with a growing segment of the American people, and last but not least to the patient labors of The 2016 Committee in making him better known and convincing him to run for president in the first place.

At this point, I feel sorry for the tens of millions of Americans, including many good and well-intentioned people, who have been duped by the mainstream media into supporting Donald Trump for president and believing that this billionaire real estate and casino magnate is just the kind of man we need to lead our country. The truth is that, aside from Hillary Clinton, Trump would make the worst possible president of the United States to succeed Barack Obama. He is an arrogant, greedy, dishonest, corrupt, and elitist Republican in name only presidential wannabe driven by lust for power who has identified himself politically as a Democrat for most of his life, who has donated millions of dollars to the Clintons, who likes ObamaCare, who supports Planned Parenthood, who has amassed much of his fortune by forcing other businesses into bankruptcy, who favors the irresponsible fiscal policies of the Federal Reserve and the Obama administration, and who could care less about the average American struggling to make ends meet. To be sure, Trump talks a great game on any number of issues to make himself look like a conservative Republican; but if (God forbid) he ever ended up in the White House, he would turn out to be just another corrupt and scandal-ridden career politician beholden to the special interest groups that have made him rich and that control the Washington establishment. Much like his good friend Hillary Clinton, he is a dangerous demagogue stirring up the masses with bold rhetoric and empty fantasies in a strenuous yet ultimately fruitless effort to seize the powerful office of president he craves.

Thankfully, Americans are now waking up from the mainstream media deception to the reality that Donald Trump cannot be trusted, and they are choosing instead to rally around a trustworthy citizen statesman who actually represents their interests and who is running for president by popular demand, Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson. And this is occurring, ironically, despite the best efforts of the mainstream media to convince the American people that Ben Carson is not qualified to serve as president. Naturally, the media elites, who are closely tied to the corrupt Washington political establishment, are shocked and confused by this development because they didn't see it coming, and they are disturbed by it because of what it portends for the future of that establishment should Ben Carson be nominated and elected President of the United States next year. They just want Dr. Carson to go away, but that's not happening, so now they will resort to concocting and launching further malicious attacks on his character and abilities and to craftily manipulating public opinion in their increasingly desperate attempts to destroy his candidacy. Furthermore, they will utilize psychological warfare, claiming that Carson's leadership of the GOP presidential field is just a fluke and that his candidacy will fizzle out by the time the primaries roll around.

I fully expect that, notwithstanding this onslaught of mainstream media hostility, Ben Carson will continue to steadily build momentum in the polls during the final weeks of 2015, leaving Donald Trump's record high of 32 percent in the dust as he eventually gains the support of 45 to 50 percent of likely Republican primary voters by the end of this year, which will make him the first and only GOP presidential candidate this election cycle to achieve such a feat. Based on his progress so far, Carson is likely to rise dramatically above the rest of the GOP field between now and the early presidential primaries in January, and the likelihood of his actually winning the Republican nomination for president in 2016 will continue to grow with each passing day. I personally believe that God is raising up Dr. Carson to be our next president so that our broken, weakened, and worn-out nation can be healed, strengthened, and renewed through his wise leadership, and that all the efforts of his enemies to prevent this from taking place will ultimately come to nothing. The remarkable saga of Ben Carson's unexpected rise to political prominence signals an exciting turning point in American history. We the people have been betrayed and disappointed time and time again by corrupt politicians, and even by former Tea Party leaders who have succumbed to the Washington establishment, but with a true citizen statesman like Dr. Carson at the helm, we are going to take our country back.

Trump for king.
Hillary for queen.
Ben Carson for president!

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