Friday, October 15, 2010

Tinkering with my Blog a Bit

I've been making a few little changes to my blog lately: deleting some page elements, adding some new ones, cleaning things up a bit. I have a few more changes in mind as well, some of which I mention below and others that you'll just have to watch for in the next few weeks and months. The goals of these changes to Justin's Corner are: 1st, to give this blog a more uniformly and distinctly Catholic feel; 2nd, to make it a more presentable, interesting, reader-friendly and enjoyable place; and 3rd, to integrate it more into the rapidly exploding social networking sphere.

One improvement in line with goal 3 is that you can now access my Twitter page directly from this page--just click the "Follow Me On Twitter" button beneath my profile. Also, from now on every post will have a "share" button at the bottom to facilitate sharing of the posts among the various social networking websites. I'll be linking more to Twitter from my blog and vice versa. Also, I plan to get into YouTube in the near future and post videos on the blog that catch my interest (and which has to do with both goals 2 and 3).

In addition, I have an announcement to make here of a major change in blog protocol. Starting today and for the next thirty days, I will lift all restrictions on who can comment on my blog posts. Up until now I have only allowed registered users to post comments. From today until November 14, 2010, I will allow comments from anyone on the Internet, including anonymous users. This is just an experiment to see how many comments I get drifting in from the vast ocean of the World Wide Web. Depending on the results of this "open-mic" experiment, I may decide to continue allowing comments from anyone after November 14, or I may revert to the more restrictive system. Either way, I will continue to monitor all comments and will delete anything inappropriate or offensive.

Also, by the end of this year I'll be switching to a new template. This will give Justin's Corner a whole new look that will express the theme of the blog better.

So stay tuned!

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