Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Quote of the Day

"We have heard many names, many names. The group of leaders, some priests, some Pharisees, some teachers of the Law, who have decided to kill him. They waited for the opportunity to seize him. Am I like one of them?...

"Am I like Pilate? When I see that the situation is difficult, do I wash my hands and not know how to accept my responsibility and let people be condemned, or condemn them myself?

"Am I like that crowd that did not know whether it was in a religious meeting, a trial or a circus, and chooses Barabbas? For them it was the same: it was more entertaining to humiliate Jesus.

"Am I like the soldiers who strike the Lord, spit upon him, insult him, have fun humiliating him?

"Am I like the Cyrenian who was returning from work, tired, but who had the good will to help the Lord carry the cross?

"Am I like those who passed in front of the cross and joked about Jesus: “He was so courageous! Let him come down from the cross and we will believe in him! Joking about Jesus...

"Am I like those courageous women, and like Jesus’ Mother, who were there, suffering in silence?

"Am I like Joseph, the hidden disciple, who carried Jesus’ body with love, to put him in the tomb?

"Am I like the 2 Marys who remain at the tomb crying, praying?

"Am I like those leaders who on the following day went to Pilate to say: “Look, he said that he would be raised. Make sure that more deception does not happen!” and hold back life, block the tomb to defend doctrine, so that life does not come out?

"Where is my heart? Which of these people am I like? May this question accompany us this whole week."

--Pope Francis

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