Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

I am looking forward to doing a lot more blogging this year! In addition to keeping readers abreast of important news and information about my book on terrorism, here is a look at what to expect on Justin's Corner in 2010:
  • More pictures;
  • More posts on abortion, the pro-life movement, and the struggle to protect traditional marriage;
  • Continuation of my article series studying the Holy Father's encyclical on globalization;
  • More analysis of health care reform;
  • Details about my second book (which hopefully will be completed this year);
  • Reviews of interesting programs I see on EWTN;
  • Wall-E: An in-depth look at this charming and imaginative Disney-Pixar movie reveals that it is more than just whimsical sci-fi for kids;
  • Astronomy news and information along with my opinions about space exploration, with a special tribute to the Hubble Space Telescope;
  • Why alternative energy solutions make so much sense, both for the planet and your wallet;
  • And much more!
I plan to maintain my Newsvine blog a little better this year as well, so you can continue to find news stories that I am following at that location, some of which I may write about here.


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